About webm.html5.org

As Web authors start publishing WebM content, there is the problem of informing the users of WebM-incompatible browsers about what they need to do to get WebM support. The purpose of this site is to help Web authors avoid the trouble of maintaining up-to-date information about browsers that support WebM. Instead, Web authors can link to webm.html5.org to outsource this task.


The design principles for this site are:

  1. If the user already has a WebM-enabled browser, avoid telling the user to install something else.
  2. If the user is using an old version of a browser whose latest version supports WebM, advise the user to upgrade – not to switch to a different browser.
  3. If the user has a browser to which WebM support can be added, explain how it can be added but also point to browsers with built-in support.
  4. If the user is on a Linux distribution that has packages for WebM-enabled browsers, mention those packages, too.
  5. Try to be as comprehensive as possible.
  6. Try to be non-partisan about browsers that support WebM: When suggesting multiple browsers, randomly shuffle the order in which they are displayed.


The text and script was written by Henri Sivonen. Hosting and domain are courtesy of Anne van Kesteren. This site is in no way official or endorsed by the WebM Project.

Bugs and Enhancements

If this site gives incorrect or non-optimal advice for a browser/OS combination, please drop by on the #whatwg IRC channel on Freenode and let hsivonen know.