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Your browser doesn’t support JavaScript, has scripting turned off or is very old. Without scripting, we are unable to automatically determine if your browser supports WebM. If you see a video that you can play immediately above this paragraph, your browser supports WebM, but please be advised that many sites using HTML5 video also use JavaScript and may not work without JavaScript. If you don’t see a video you can play, your browser does not support WebM.

These browsers support WebM on Windows, Mac and Linux:

Opera added support for WebM in version 10.6.
Google Chrome
Chrome added support for WebM in version 6.0.
Mozilla Firefox
Firefox added support for WebM in version 4.0.

What’s WebM?

WebM is a format for HTML5 video that is designed to be high-quality and royalty-free*.

HTML5 video makes video a built-in part of the Web platform the way images have been already.

Royalty-free* means that Web sites do not need to pay royalties for serving WebM video for viewing (regardless of the business model of the site) and that distributors of WebM-enabled software do not need to pay royalties for supporting WebM in their software and can instead use their resources for creating great software for you.

You have probably been pointed to this site by another site that uses WebM video, so you need WebM support to view videos on that site.

* No known royalty claims at the time of writing.

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